Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everything I have seen confirms my worst fears

So reads the back cover of Sean Williams’ Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fatal Alliance … I’ll let the reader discover by whom this was said and when =). This is the first in a book series meant to lead up to the highly anticipated mmorpg, Star Wars: The Old Republic, being developed by BioWare. I believe it was back in 2008 sometime while looking around the Interwebz’ landscape that I stumbled across an announcement for a new Star Wars mmo. There was no release date, but I immediately told my best bud, along with some other buddies. Well, we are presently in 2011 and while we don’t have a precise release date we have been told it will be sometime in the year.

To make things even more exciting, this year has seen the release of the game trailer and a whole host of actual gameplay videos. Check out the site if you’re interested:

Getting back to Fatal Alliance it really was an enjoyable read. As I usually do, I switch it up between fiction and non-fiction to keep things interesting. This was a typical Star Wars novel filled with some decent character development involving Jedi, Sith, Smugglers, troopers, space battles, ground assaults and everything else you’d come to expect in a galaxy a long time ago, far, far away. Already on order is the sequel in this series titled, Deceived, and will bring me one step closer to the storyline of SWTOR. Cannot wait. Simply cannot wait.

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  1. They should have put all that work into developing KotOR 3, NOT an MMO.

    Maybe they'd have had more manpower available then to do a better port of ME2 to the PS3 ;).