Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Design for a New Year

Well? ... What do you think? Figured two years is time enough to put the old design to rest.

Some of you will want to know that I finished Mark Driscoll's "Vintage Church." I'm presently mulling over my thoughts on the book; once I've made some headway you can bet I'll be putting together a few words on the subject =). It's not everything I thought it would be. He did surprise me some.

I'm amused that the previous paragraph - if you can call it a proper paragraph - both begin and end with the word "some." Or maybe it's just that it's 1 AM and I'm a little slap-happy before bed.

Before my start date with Schwab I hope to work through a number of interesting reads, including former President Bush's new book.

Goodnight my friends, and Happy New Year's Eve!


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