Sunday, December 19, 2010

August 14 to Present Recap

Have you ever stopped long enough to catch your breath and wonder where the time went? Beyond any doubt my blog is representative of this, or rather, there is a lack of representation *grin*.

For any casual readers who still meander their way through my corner of cyberspace I'll recap some personal updates so you don't feel left out. Most significantly, my wife and I were married August 14 of this year, and what a marvelous occasion that was. She was stunningly beautiful, and I ... well, I was made to look good standing next to her.

Within a few weeks I was offered my own store at Starbucks! But, another opportunity came knocking on my door. The 9th was my last day with the Starbucks Coffee Company, and I am now employed with Charles Schwab as a stock broker.

Emily and I bought our first home together in a nice part of Gilbert. We are thrilled to have this 1500 square foot blessing so early in our life together. Every day that passes our house looks more and more like a home.

2010 was a year the Lord was especially merciful to me and my wife of four months. We are settling into our lifelong adventure and couldn't be happier with where God has brought us.

Please expect regular updates from here on out. My new job means I now have a consistent work schedule with less stress, thus freeing up mental energy to spend on the things that I love.

You'll be hearing from me soon, Lord willing,


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