Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Racism." That's the term many on the political Left choose to use when referring to those of us who are opposed to illegal immigration. To be fair, it isn't everyone who leans towards the liberal side of things that calls conservatives racist. But it is enough for the main stream media to barrage us with that sort of namecalling.

As best I can tell, the racist charge looks something like this formula:

Opposition to Illegal Immigration = Not Liking Hispanics/Latinos.

How one arrives at this kind of formula, I will never know, because I honestly believe all human beings are equal in value to one another. I will go a step further and say that every single person is created in the image of the triune God. At the same time, I am adamantly against aliens trying to unlawfully enter this nation.

I am 100% in favor of having foreigners migrate to this country, only let it be done the right way: legally. If you're unhappy with the process to gain citizenship or the amount of people allowed to emigrate to the United States, then work to change the existing laws.

It baffles me how people on the Left think they can somehow completely understand the hidden motivations and intents of our hearts, and even read into our beliefs the opposite of what we say that we mean. For example, I'm not a racist ... but I am accused of being one because I believe people should only emigrate to the U.S. legally. This doesn't make sense to me. Let me explain my own beliefs and convictions, and please, please, take me at my word.

Around lunchtime I have a chance to catch some of talk radio, and today heard a segment on Medved's show that made me laugh out loud in frustration. For some reason Michael Medved has increasingly become a moderate Republican, and that is especially the case when it comes to illegal immigration. He said that he thinks it is a bad idea for the Republican Party to be known as the "anti-Latino" party because of our stance against illegal immigration.

What I want to ask Michael is this: how is being against illegal-immigration against Latinos? If his answer is that is how I will be perceived by the Mexican-American population, my response would be: so be it. There is nothing I can do if someone wrongly chooses to believe Republicans are racists for trying to secure our borders, and uphold our laws. Oy ... never know what I'm gonna get when I listen to talk radio =)

Ah, the joys of politics,


  1. I agree Casey but I think this points to a deeper problem in our culture that's leading to our demise. We as people have lost our ability to think clearly and deeply. And this issue of immigration is a case in point. How does it logically follow that if I'm for legal immigration that I'm a racist? It doesn't. And what does my character have to do with the validity of my argument? So what if I'm a racist or worse, that only says something about me and nothing about immigration. That's two logical fallacies, non-sequitor and genetic. The problems we face in this country are not mere matters of public policy. They are first and foremost spiritual and that battle is fought in the mind, it is between truth and falsehood. An ill equipped mind is easy prey for the prince of this world. And that is were we find ourselves since we have rejected the Classical model of education. It its the Trivium that produced the giants of history. Our current model has only produced educated fools. So I feel your frustration and hope we are in the darkness before the dawn and not dusk. May God have mercy on us and may we once again be His light to the world.

  2. The really odd thing about this debate is how it has come to be seen as anti-latino. Just because the majority of people that come here illegaly come from south of the border, how is that anti-latino? Again a non-sequitor. We are against people coming here illegaly, regardless were they come from.