Thursday, March 8, 2012


What?! How long? Only a measly 9 months left to go. No, no, we're not having another kid ... yet. I'm talking about the national election, and I admit that I'm overjoyed and worried at the same time. Overjoyed at the thought of our union transitioning from one administration to another - if you take my meaning - and simtaneously worried because I don't have enough faith in people to make the right decision. After all, we voted for our current President once, whose to say we won't do it again?

On the one hand, Barack Obama won't have an easy campaign because he can't run on his record. His policies have made him one of the most liberal presidents in United States history, the most noteworthy being his mandating nationalized healthcare. On the other hand, there's the American people, which means anything can happen. Ever since I started paying attention to politics and the national scene I've heard the same message every election: "This is the most important election of your lifetime!" What's worse is that I *think* I agree with this. Bush/Gore ... Bush/Kerry ... Obama/McFail-RINO (I mean, McCain).

This go-round it feels more urgent. What's at stake is more important to me than the ever-present threat of international terrorism. Our current President stands for everything I am opposed to as a Christian man. He generally believes that government can fix any problem and has a right to interfere in all aspects of our lives. Healthcare has been nationalized, which will add to the deficit. While he gives lip-service to marriage, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth by promoting same-sex "marriage" and homosexual super-rights. The cherry on top for me has been the recent attempt to side-step the First Amendment by making us pay for abortion pills via ObamaCare.

To say that I am "outraged" would only be a part of how I feel, but perhaps "worried" would be a better term altogether. I am worried that the government will try to force me to pay for someone else to have an abortion, to murder someone's unborn child. God did a marvelous act of grace in giving to us our nation's founding fathers who had the vision to create our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is the only deterrent that will [hopefully] stop this kind of utter madness. Freedom of Religion means I have the right to practice my religion, and cannot be forced to go against my religious convictions.

But all the Democrats claim they hear from Republicans is: "You want to stop women from having access to all forms of birth-control?!" Anyone else a little annoyed that this is all they can focus on? No one is saying women shouldn't use birth control - although some of us are saying abortion, which is a disguised name for "murder," should be illegal. The real issue is that those of us who believe abortion is murder should not be forced to pay for someone else to commit murder. It really is that simple. Yet it continues to amaze me at how deaf they are to our concerns.

Emily and I prayed tonight that the Lord might grant to our culture repentance from the ungodly direction we're running down. We are running towards utter ruin, and I don't mean to sound pessimistic; it's the truth. Only the living God can do such a work in American society. I pray for the sake of my wife and daughter, my friends, my coworkers, and my acquaintances that God radically shifts American culture back towards godliness.

Forward-thinking is something I've noticed people are lacking today, and not just financial planning. People are so caught up in themselves, after all ... everyone believes he/she is the most important person in the universe. Personal happiness trumps duty, responsibility and morality ... every time. But now, as a father, I fully understand the need to think forward. I want my daughter to grow up in a society she can be proud of - not one that continues to increase in decadence, depravity and sinfulness. I want so bad for her to be safe as a [hopefully] Christian woman who has the freedom to openly serve Christ in this world. The thought of her having to face government persecution because of her [potential future] Christian life breaks my heart.

Now, I'm saying this as a Christian father concerned for his daughter, and for the future of the nation that I love. Roman authorities were the church's first experience which offered centuries of persecution. By God's free grace we don't have similar experiences to that of Roman persecution, but it is my prayer we never get to that point. Al Mohler said in his webcast this week that religious freedom should never be taken for granted. It is not inherently guaranteed in this world, and we should stand firm for our right to practice our Christian faith - and not just at church, but in the public square as well.

Whatever the Lord sees fit to have happen, we know we are required to submit to the governing authorities that rule over us (Romans 13) and trust in the promise that whatever happens to the Christian has been ordained by God as the best thing for him. It is because of God's promise that I may rest easy because my daughter's future has been predetermined by God, as well as the nation's. "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28, NASB).

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  1. Amen Casey. Whether we re-elect President Obama or elect a conservative, the future of our nation is ultimately in the hands of the Lord.