Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Much to Tell

Truly, so much has happened since my last post, I don’t know where to begin. Emily said yes … to my proposal in marriage. Somehow, I managed to convince her to marry a guy like me, and how lucky I am! That Irish luck thing finally paid off, it seems. After far too long [Master Kenobi] I’ve earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Lastly, it’s been about five months since my promotion, but I was promoted at Starbucks. Oh! Last of the lasterlies, Emily and I bought a house that will be closing on the 30th. W00ty w00t.

Curious as to how I managed to persuade my Emily to say yes? Valentine’s Day was approaching, and I thought that to pop the question on that particular day would be far too expected. I did, however, drop hints to mislead her to believe I would be proposing on Valentine’s Day – yup, I’m evil. In actuality, the Saturday before V-Day, I told her we had plans for a double date with my best friend Scott, and his lovely wife, Mindy. We were supposed to have some couple’s shots with Adam (Scott’s bro-in-law), so we were all dressed slightly upwards from casual. A faked phone call was all that was needed to continue on the charade that Adam was actually meeting with us to take our picture. Once we arrived at one of the Superstition Mountain’s lakes, we parked and decided to walk around while we waited for Adam. Scott and Mindy created some distance and it wasn’t long after that that I read to Emily an early Valentine’s Day card, in which were some song lyrics that I had been saving to read to the one I would propose to, dropped to my knee, and held out the ring. By God’s free grace, she quickly said yes, and I would be lying if I said there weren’t a few tears from the both of us. It was a spectacular moment, one that we will undoubtedly remember for the rest of our lives together.

Because the parallels between myself and Chris Farley might be made, I shall refrain from stating the total amount of time I spent to earn my degree. Nevertheless, earned it I did. The most exciting part of having this accomplishment under my belt is how it will open up more possibilities for me in the future.

It has been five? six? months since I was promoted to a management position at Val Vista and Southern. Great learning experience thus far, especially working with a whole new set of folks. I’ve learned some invaluable lessons from a business angle and interpersonal-savvy angle. All I can say is this: QASA, VIA, SKCDL’s, DCM’s and scones have been my life during this brief time. I’ll try not to have nightmares about the drive-thru bell ringing in my ear every 20 seconds =).

Perhaps two weeks after Emily and I were engaged, we made a bid on a house. We found this house on our very first day of house-hunting, and both knew this was the one within minutes (in fact, we only spent a grand total of five minutes inside the first time). That’s all it took. We have done everything on our end, so now we wait for the bank to fund the loan and BAM. That’s all she wrote. Lord willing, everything goes smoothly from this point onward.

Our wedding date is August 14th, and that day cannot come soon enough. Maybe I should have listened to my fiancé who suggested we marry a month sooner? =). There you have it: my life update in a nutshell. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Wonderful things, bro. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you two married. :)